• Heliport

    TM 09LogoTorreMayor's heliport is one of the safest equipped in the country with modern avionics and operations. From its bird's eye view 225 meters high in the sky, it keeps watch over the Valley of Mexico.

  • Automation

    AutomatizacionLogoTorreMayor is administered by a Building Management System (BMS), a computarized "intelligent" system that efficiently controls and regulates all the tower's equipment and functions. The objective of this systems is to protect human life and substantially reduce the building's operating costs for your company. The building's electrical, hydro-sanitary, elevator and fire-prevention systems are all integrated into the BMS, which has the ability to resolve the most sophisticated demands of each individual tenant, from scanning employee ID cards to controlling office lighting systems.


  • Parking facilities

    EstacionamientoLogoTorreMayor has 4 floors of below-ground and 9 floors of above-ground parking facilities, giving a total of 13 levels of parking space, sufficient to accommodate 2,000 automobiles. The underground parking facilities are fitted out with ventilators that purify and inject fresh air to avoid a build-up of toxic gases. The parking bays can be accessed from Paseo de la Reforma or Río Atoyac (the street behing the tower), and both entrances are equipped with automated parking card machines to reduce waiting times.


  • Security systems

    • SeguridadIn addition to trained security personnel, LogoTorreMayor is equipped with 112 closed-circuit television cameras in the lobby, at the tower's entrances, common areas and parking facilities. To ensure the life-safety of occupants, the entire building is fitted out with fire-detection, loud-speaker, alarm and access control systems, pressurized emergency fire escapes, smoke extractors, automated sprinklers, fire hydrants and anti-flammable foam protecting its steel structure, and a 1,750 KWH emergency electrical generator.


  • Telecommunications

    TelecomunicacionesTMTo meet the present and future telecommunications requirements of your company, LogoTorreMayor has a versatile, flexible cabling system and wireless equipment that uses microwaves and satellite signals so you can get operations off the ground immediately, and still save you money over the long term, too.


  • Electrical systems

    SistemasElectricosLogoTorreMayor's electrical system is among the most advanced in the world. Designed to increase the energy savings of its occupants, this is the only building in Mexico that receives a constant 16-megavolt supply from three of the city's secondary electrical plants. The tower is equipped to transform this medium voltage energy to low voltage electricity, which is used to supply all floors via a modern vertical transmission or electroduct "riser" system, which is uniquely innovative to Mexico.

    LogoTorreMayor is also equipped with current regulators on each office floor to prevent sharp fluctuations in voltage that could damage electrical and computer equipment.



  • A healthy environment

    AmbienteLogoTorreMayor boasts a state-of-the-art buiding management system (BMS) for ventilation and air conditioning systems, providing a comfortable working environment for its occupants. Fresh air is filtered to remove suspended particles, chemicals and odors.

    Since the building is hermetically sealed, dust, odors and germs are reduced to a minimun. This increases the productivity of your workforce by helping reduce illness-related abstenteeism. The tower's double glass facade forms a 25 mm-thick skin around it, insulating occupants from heat, ultraviolet rays and noise, while allowing 60% more natural light to enter the building than other glass with similar characteristics.