• Heliport

    TM 09At the top of LogoTorreMayorat 225 meters in height (from the bench), the heliport custody the view of the Mexico´s Valley, being one of the safest in the country thanks to its modern equipment for navigation and approach.

  • Automation

    AutomatizacionLogoTorreMayor is administered by the Building Management System (BMS), an intelligent system that efficiently controls all the facilities and equipment of the building in order to protect human life and reduce substantially the operating costs of the companies into it. The BMS system integrates building's electrical, hydro-sanitary, elevators and fire protection systems and has the ability to meet the most sophisticated needs of each tenant in particular, such as reading access cards and lighting control.


  • Parking facilities

    EstacionamientoLogoTorreMayor has 13 levels of parking: four basements and nine above street level, with more than 2,000 spaces of self-service available. Underground floors have injection fans and renewal of fresh air to avoid excessive concentration of contaminants produced by automotive combustion.


    Estacionamiento 3998

    For a quick and easy access, there are two entrances to the parking lot, one by Paseo de la Reforma and another on the back street, Rio Atoyac. Both are equipped with magnetic card readers that decrease maneuvers time.

    Visitors have its own parking garage located at the corner of Rio Elba and Rio Atoyac and with Valet Parking Service.


  • Security systems

    • Specialized surveillance and closed-circuit television system.
    • Controlled access with personalized cards and tourniquets in lobby.
    • BMS system
    • Fire protection system NFPA
    • 2 pressurized emergency staircase
    • Counter-terrorism protection systems in the access to the building
    • Heliport

    SistemasSeguridad 3977     SistemasSeguridad 4034     Seguridad

  • Telecommunications

    TelecomunicacionesTMTo meet the present and future telecommunications requirements of your company, LogoTorreMayor has a versatile and flexible wiring system, wireless equipment, microwave and satellite that allows to start operations immediately as well as  significant economic savings in the long run.


  • Electrical systems


    The equipment of LogoTorreMayoris of the highest technology and increases the savings of its tenants, it is the only property in Mexico with three electrical feeds from 16 volts, supplied by three medium-voltage city substations which guarantee the supply permanently. LogoTorreMayorhas its own equipment which transforms medium voltage to low and distributes energy to all floors through a modern and secure vertical system of transmission (busway).



    LogoTorreMayor also has surge suppressors at each office floor, which override the variations of voltage avoiding possible damage to electronic equipment and computer suppressors.



  • A healthy environment

    TM Saludable 5431LogoTorreMayorhas the most advanced systems of management of buildings to handle the ventilation and air conditioning (BMS) that provide tenants maximum comfort.

    Being a hermetically sealed building prevents the proliferation of dust, odors and germs helping to reduce the chance of diseases and increasing the productivity of people. The double glazing façade is a glass skin of 25 mm thickness that provides maximum isolation from heat, UV light and noise, as well as allowing the entry of 60% more daylight than any other glass with similar characteristics.


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