General Data and Floor plates

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  1. General Data
  2. Efficient Design
  3. Anti earthquake engineering structure
  4. Facilities and equipment
  5. Architecture
  6. Structural Safety
  • caracteristicasgenerales59 levels including 4 basement parking ones.
  • 225 meters above ground level.
  • 157,000 sq.m. of total construction.
  • 74,147 sq.m. of total office space.
  • 2,853 sq.m. of retail space.
  • A total of 29 elevators, 27 for passengers and 2 for freight.
  • +2,000 parking spaces.





  • Column-free floors from 1,650 to 1,825 sq.m.
  • Central core with equipment and installations which control the multiple functions and services of the tower.
  • estructuraeningsismica252 piles on the foundation.
  • Reinforced concrete structure with:
    • 46,916 m3 of concrete.
    • 21,200 tons. of structural and reinforcement steel.
    • 98 seismic dampers.
  • instalacionesyequipamientoWater storage tanks with potable water and fire proof.
  • Treatment plant and treated water storage tank.
  • Hydroneumatic and fire proof equipment.
  • Three medium tension feeders.
  • Internal transformation from medium to low voltage.
  • Emergency energy plant of 1,750 kw.
  • Electro-duct and 10,000 kms. of electrical cables.
  • 3 chiller units of 900 tons each and one of 150 tons.
  • Air handling unit for each level.
  • Optical fiber and copper lines for voice and data.
  • ArquitecturaInternational quality contemporary design.
  • 30,000 m2 of glass in the south facade with thermal and acoustic isolation.
  • 13,500 m2 granite precast in north facade.
  • Marble and granite finishing in common areas and lobbies.

SeguridadEstructuralLogoTorreMayor 's structure has been calculated to exceed the seismical requirements of the Mexico City and California Construction Regulations, which are the strictest in the world and to give the maximum security and comfort to its occupants. The steel and concrete structure has 98 seismic dampers which, during an earthquake, reduce its displacement, diminishing and dissipating a significant part of the energy absorbed by the building.


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